We created The Alley to be a safe space to play in Santa Fe. That commitment to safety is now stronger than ever. We are all feeling the impact of coronavirus and share concerns for the health and wellbeing of our community. Here is what we are doing in response to keep you safe.

We are following guidelines from the CDC and World Health Organization, backed by the Public Health Order of the New Mexico Department of Health and aligned with DeVargas Center’s policies.

In addition to intensifying overall general daily cleaning of our entire center, we have implemented a policy of “constant, on-the-spot sanitizing.”

What does this mean?

Since taking part in games and activities means touching things, all equipment is being stored behind our front desk to ensure that what you receive is sanitized. Bowling balls are still stores behind the lanes, but now instead of their daily sanitizing, they are sanitized with EVERY USE. Even if you briefly try out a ball to see if it fits, it is immediately wiped down with professional-grade sanitizing solution before being returned to the rack. After a game is complete, ALL BALLS AND EQUIPMENT are re-sanitized before being put away. Bowling shoes are always sprayed with sanitizing cleaner/deodorizer with each use.

We assure you that our attentive staff is staying close to people and games at play for this on-the-spot service. They are wearing gloves, which we also offer to our customers. Our team is consistently wiping down common surfaces (doors, handles, railings, bars, tables, counters, chairs, arcade games, and laminated menus). Our kitchen is maintaining the same high standards as well.

Here is what we ask of you, our valued customers and Santa Fe neighbors:

  • Please stay home if you have ANY symptoms of illness and especially if you are in contact with the most vulnerable members of our community—the elderly, small children, and those with already compromised health.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often.
  • Notify a member of the Alley team with any questions and concerns.

Reports of the coronavirus are being followed intensely by our owners and managers, and for now, we are remaining open. That decision is evaluated moment by moment and may change. We’ll keep you informed.

We care about you and want you to have a safe experience.
Be well, be kind and take care.